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Solartis Insure

Sales and Policy Life Cycle Microservices with ISO ERC

Solartis Insure Rating as a Service

Build or use your own policy admin platform; Solartis provides the rating microservice with ISO ERC or your rating content.

Solartis Insure Platform as a Service

Your technology team creates the screens, apps and business processes. We supply the policy sales and policy lifecycle microservices with ISO ERC or your rating content.

Solartis Insure Software as a Service

A total sales and policy life cycle solution with ISO ERC or your rating content. We supply it all - from friendly consumer portals to full blown underwriting systems!

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Solartis Administer

Don’t let legacy system administration work be an obstacle for your digital strategy.

Staffing and Professional Services

We work side-by-side with your operations and underwriting staff to free you up from time consuming administrative burdens.

15 Years’ Experience On Your Side

We are experienced in every aspect of policy administration. We get the job done quickly.

Focus on Your Core Competency

And remove the never ending struggles of employee turnover, training, and lack of available administrative resources.

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